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Our previous building has many fond memories after being used as an eye care facility for many decades. 

As our practice has grown, we needed extra space, and wanted to design a building that meets the needs of those with eye problems.

In moving to a new location, we have done that, upgrading the patient experience with you in mind.

From easier access and parking, to the covered, heated entrance we’ve thought out every detail to make it as convenient as possible from the moment you arrive.

To be sure we were getting it right, we consulted with a national architecture firm who specializes in ophthalmology clinics.

They designed our building to maximize natural lighting, be highly accessible with wide hallways and rooms, and delivered a layout that not only is accessible to all, but improved efficiency so we could reduce patient waiting times.

To better diagnose and treat patients with eye problems, we upgraded our equipment.

We are excited to finally see this dream come to fruition, and look forward to delivering outstanding care to our friends in the Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and Utah areas.

If you need an ophthalmologist specializing in glaucoma, cataract, or retina problems, give us a call and schedule an appointment today.

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