Your Surgery Experience

Prior To Your Surgery

You will receive instructions regarding the surgery from your doctor and the staff. Sometimes, blood tests and an electrocardiogram will be ordered before surgery. If you take blood thinners including aspirin, please make your doctor and the staff aware of this fact during your surgical evaluation. If you are pregnant or may become pregnant within six months after surgery, please inform your doctor and the staff as some of the medications used during the surgery may possibly affect an unborn baby.

In preparation for your surgery, you will be contacted by the surgery center or hospital with specific information about fasting and the use of other medications prior to surgery.

Your Day of Surgery

When you arrive, you will be asked some questions at the admitting desk and also by the staff in the pre-surgical area, who will help you get ready for surgery. Most adult surgeries are performed under local anesthesia with careful monitoring by our anesthesia staff. You will be sedated in the pre-operative area or in the operating room. In the operating room itself, you will be monitored throughout the procedure to make sure that you are medically stable and comfortable. During the procedure, you should not experience very much pain. However, you may notice some pressure sensations around the eye. When the surgery is completed, you may or may not have a patch over the eye, depending on the type of anesthesia that was used.

After Your Surgery

  • It is very important to follow all instructions given to you by your surgeon
  • Do not drive for the first 24 hours
  • Do not rub or touch the treated eye
  • You will be seen in the office the first day after surgery unless otherwise noted
  • Use the medication as labeled by your surgeon
  • If an eye patch is prescribed, wear it according to your surgeon’s orders
  • Eye makeup should not be applied unless approved by your surgeon
  • You may continue your daily routine per your surgeon’s consent

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